Saturday, 25 August 2007

New shoes?

G'day Gaslighters!

At long last, we have new shoes! Cast aside your freebies, your flippers and your moon-boots - these original and stylish formal suede shoes have enough class and dignity for everyone! They're fully prim-built, textured lovingly and come with a system shoe base to prevent unfortunate accidents.

I'll be filtering new designs, colours and styles into the Emporium over the next week, but as always if you've any questions, ideas or require custom fittings, feel free to drop me an IM at any time!

Thursday, 16 August 2007

Witchfinder General Store

It's been about a week since my last release and then you get two together - how lucky!

I'm pleased to announce the release of my all-new ornate flintlock pistol, perfect for Victorian, Steampunk, Pirate and even Vampire/Goth locales. Needless to say it is completely functional and comes with an operational HUD for ease of use, along with a stylish and original animation override for added posing potential.

Features of the flintlock pistol include operation HUD, complete with the means to fire from third person, a toggle between aiming and lowered weapon poses (So you don't end up pointing your gun in everyone's face when you talk to them), a choice of three customisable shot types (Lead, phosphorus and silver) and potential for upgrades and alterations to all of the above.

The second release (Albeit less spectacular) is a witchfinding steeple hat with which to relive all of your favourite Van Helsing moments. It seemed rude not to!

In other news, I am in the process of acquiring a second plot for shop expansion potential, moving into a sub-line of similar witchfinding merchandise. Be on the look-out for Witchlights Emporium in days to come!

Thursday, 9 August 2007

Greatcoats (of fire)!

It's that time again!
These last two days I've been working on a greatcoat design, and have come up with a collection of four vendors to suit most of your great coat needs. These follow the authentic formal style, and have several prim belts and fastenings for added 'weight', along with a nicely flowing flexi coat bottom. As ever, I'm more than happy to do different designs, colours and provide in-game demonstrations on request, if you simply IM me (Vincente Shepherd) the details.

I would like to announce also at this time that I am now doing custom fittings in store, in the light of a large variety of different sizes among you Gaslighters! If you have a garment that doesn't fit, simply send me a copy of your avatar shape/size in game, let me know which item you need resizing, and I'll get it done for you as soon as humanly possible!

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

The great shirt cover up

Apologies to everyone who has previously bought anything from me that included a formal Victorian shirt or undershirt - it has transpired that the texture included a slight flaw that caused a band of white to appear on the palm of the hand (at least, when not wearing gloves. Shame on any Gentleman caught so!).

I have published a group message and attached a free version of the corrected shirt for all, regardless of whether you've bought one inthe past or not - I've also sent complimentary copies to all customers not in the group. If you've been missed out or if there are any problems, either with the shirt or with anything else, don't hesitate to let me know as soon as possible!

Stay classy, Gaslighters!

Monday, 6 August 2007

When chocolate factory proprietors go bad!

Today I chanced upon one Noddeh Slade, co-owner of Chemics and Physistry and gentleman of unique dress sense! You may have seen his wares in game, but this time I had the joy of working on a comissioned suit for him. While not everyone's cup of tea perhaps, it raises a valid point - I can't cover every possibility with the vendors on my walls. If you have anything you'd like made, or would like to discuss a comission, you need only ask!

Saturday, 4 August 2007

The skies of Babbage

If you've taken to the skies of New Babbage recently you might have noticed the most recent addition to my arsenal of aircraft - the GSE-006 Hedenhurst. This is the first of a new range of more realistic airships and blimps, providing an alternative to the Jules Verne-esque pod craft that I currently stock also. While a lot larger and a lot slower, there's nothing more impressive than a 100ft airship! Look out for future models with in-built aircraft hangars and the like!