Monday, 24 September 2007

Gaslights Emporium MK.II

So here we are! Some two days after Port Babbage's initial opening, the new site for the Gaslights Emporium is looking presentable enough to call open. Feel free to drop by and see - all feedback is greatly appreciated!

To mark the event I've released two new batches of goods, with a few more shortly on the way.

First up is my range of formal dinner suits. These are far less dandy than my previous designs, with a much shorter coat bottom and a few done-up buttons for dignity's sake.

They are available for L$400 from either of the New Babbage outlets, and comes in a choice of:
Charcoal and

Though of course if you want another colour, you need but ask!

Secondly I've decided to release a couple of new canes to the ever-popular range, again with a few more on the way - why restrict the choice on a Gentleman's most important accessory, I say!

So for now I present the braced and the steel cane for your strutting pleasure.

Stay tuned for more, Gaslighters - these are early days yet!