Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Suits you, sir!

And it begins!

The Gaslights Emporium, situated in the New Babbage square district, has been gradually filling with stock and features for almost two weeks now and has finally reached the stage where I'm about ready to call it open!

Gaslights has been something of a dream-in-progress throughout my stay so far in Second Life. Its premise was to plug the gap in the market for authentic male Victorian clothing, drawing on liberal steampunk influences also to create a range of props, accessories and vehicles to complement it. I fully intend to make the jump into creating clothing for ladies in the weeks to come, but I've always reasoned that it's safer to attempt one thing at a time.

In recent days I've been focusing specifically on finishing several ranges of clothing and some complete outfits to cater to the better dressed gentlemen in-game, and am pleased to announce the release of both the Victorian dress suit and the formal tailcoat outfit!

Each outfit comes with a jacket, jacket bottom, trousers, shirt, waistcoat and tie, but seperate ranges of waistcoats are available for some mixing and matching. Keep your eyes peeled for added features here and by all means feel free to join the Gaslights Emporium store group in game for information, offers and freebies!

Visit the Emporium in game

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