Thursday, 6 September 2007

Eye caramba!

Yet another update!

In a bid to have the Gaslights Emporium cover yet more facets of Second Life existance, I'm pleased to bring you a healthy collection of eyes! Ideal for most system avatars, they're available for just L$40 each in a variety of vivid, 'hand' painted colours. Expect multi-packs in days to come, for those with a penchant for changing eye colours!

In other news, I have released my first true submersible! Unlike the airship 'pod' equivalents, this little one can only move beneath the waves, but move it does! Complete with an original driving pose and modifiable for resizing in according with your avatar shape, the Personal Submersible minisub is ideal for the upcoming New Babbage Docks and Vernian Sea sims. Don't miss out!

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